richI come from the land of the ice and snow! I’m not talking Zeppelin man!  I go by many names TrickieDick, Rich E Rich, but you can call me Rich! Born and raised in the 603 (New Hampshire for you that don’t know your area codes) I moved to the HD dam near ten years ago now and have been here at the Fox for about seven , which is like sixteen in burn out years!

I love everything about rock always have. From my 1st rock purchase which was a tape of Appetite for Destruction to my 1st concert when I was twelve and was lucky enough to catch RUSH live which of course changed my life. I instantly knew a suit and tie wasn’t for me. SEX DRUGS & ROCK N ROLL BABY!! Flash forward eighteen years and three thousand miles and here I am! Living my dream I get to violate your radio every Saturday morning and I love it!

When im not having my way with your radio, I enjoy everything So Cal has to offer. I love off-roading, snowboarding, the beach, I enjoy playing poker and blackjack and of course every rock show you can find me some where in that crowd living it up.

That’s pretty much all you get for now tune in or hit me up if you want to know anything else.

Chow Bitche$!!